Sakenohana - Dubai

Situated in fairy-tale Souk Al Bahar, restaurant Sakenohana takes up two floors. Including a terrace with a view of the fountains and the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, this can rightfully be called a special place.


Sakenohana belongs to the ‘Hakkasan Group’. This organisation has joined hands with hospitality Pioniers ‘Crystal Group’ and together they developed a new hybrid lifestyle concept. With restaurant Sakenohana, they are the first with this concept in the United Arab Emirates and strive towards a lifestyle destination that is known for its authentic Japanese dishes, combined with modern bar and lounge. The idea is to bring together the two best components of the expertise, namely: high-end lifestyle combined with the authentic kitchen to create a modern atmosphere. 


The establishment consists of two parts. The guest enters in the lounge part, where long sofas, long tables and romantic light make it so this part of the business is excellent for a cocktail, fingerfood, club music and talks with friends and acquaintances. There is an exclusive atmosphere due to the long bar that is beautifully lit with lamps in various colours. 


In the back is the restaurant. This is located a level higher, so it is clear to the guest where the lounge ends and the restaurant begins. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the modern, open kitchen immediately catches your eye. A bar is connected to the kitchen, where you can eat. Divided over the restaurant are large, but also small tables. So you can eat with larger groups, but also have a romantic dinner for two. The tables positioned far apart, so you can enjoy enough privacy during your visit.


The somewhat dark establishment looks exclusive due to art objects on the walls and large sculptures spread over the restaurant. However, due to the restaurant’s high ceiling, this is definitely not too much. 

For the occasion of our visit, the manager put together a unique menu of specialities. 




Signature Dishes

- Spicy Lobster Tempura Maki.
Lobster with asparagus on a bed of avocado with chilli sauce and various herbs. 

The spicy lobster was pleasantly alternated by the mild chilli sauce and avocado. The various ingredients complemented each other nicely and made this dish into a tasteful whole. 


Small eats cold

- Beef Rikkik Tataki
Wagyu beef with sesame dressing and marinated vegetables. 

The thinly-sliced beef had a full and spicy flavour. The sesame dressing was somewhat lavishly present, but this was beautifully alternated with the flavour of various marinated vegetables. 


  • - Krispy soft shell crab salad
  • Crispy soft shell crab salad with pomegranate 

This salad didn’t just look gorgeous, the flavour was at least as good. The crunchy bite of the crab gave this dish something special. 




Baked & Charcoal Grill

- Gindara Mirin with Kanzuri Miso
Grilled cob with Japanese spiced Miso and seasonal vegetables. 
- Tarabagani Hobayaki
Grilled crab with ponzu butter 
- Sumiyaki Wagyu Sirloin

Grilled beef served with radish covered in breadcrumbs, ponzu sauce and mushrooms.

These grilled dishes tasted fine. They were all nicely alternated with different garnishing and fresh sauces. The plate was composed with care and certainly did justice to the dishes. 


d.jpgSushi Sashimi Plate

  • - Sashimi Goshu
    Five different kinds of sashimi 

These natural stone dish was beautifully presented to provide the guest with a special experience. Natural materials were used to stimulate the senses. The dishes were tasteful and the colour was beautiful too. Very fresh. 


Sushi Rollf.jpg

- Crunchy California Maki
Crab, avocado and cucumber

- Dragon Maki
Eel, avocado, cucumber, ginger and tobiko

- Spider Maki
Crispy crab with asparagus, mango and tomato

These sushi rolls looked excellent. Beautiful colour and neatly placed in various categories. The flavour was outstanding too. It is obvious they put a lot of thought into their ingredients. The collaboration between these flavours was first-rate. 


The desserts we received looked like true works of art. Chocolate mousse, a red velvet brownie, chocolate ice cream. Everything covered in golf leaf. A delight to all senses! 




All restaurants, hotels and other hotel and catering establishment will receive a certain number of stars. The highest score is 5 stars. The establishment will be judged on the following points:

 - The quality and originatlity of the dishes 

- The concept

- The location

- The guests it attracts

- The atmosphere we taste


 We award restaurant 'Sakenohana' with the following number of stars:



By: Suzanne Mensen
Photography: Roxanne Letterie

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